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Tips and Tricks

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Tips and Tricks for
​(The Tips and Tricks will be updated regularly. Check back often.)

  • Coyote Hunting
  • Deer Hunting (coming soon)
  • Fishing  (coming soon)
  • Turkey Hunting (coming soon)
  • Trapping (coming soon)
  • General Outdoor info (coming soon)

Coyote Hunting :

  • Be something the coyote wants to:
    • eat
    • fight
    • mate with
    • investigate
  • Coyote pup distress calls work all year long
  • After shooting a coyote, switch to a pup distress sound. There may be other coyotes that will come to see what is going on.
  • Know how to make different coyote vocalizations
    • Interrogation howl
    • Challenge howl

    • Female invitation howl
    • Pup distress
  • Sound like what is active at the time
    • Fawn bleats - spring and summer
    • Pup distress - especially spring and summer
    • Female invitation howl - late December/January
  • Use availabel cover to get to calling site
  • Call the same area from different locations
  • Switch up the calls you use.  Coyotes can pattern hunters also.
  • Use differnet route to get to calling area
  • Use a decoy for the sound.  Fawn for a fawn bleat, a coyote for pup distress or stufffed rabbit.
  • Adding motion to decoys works well.
  • Set the decoy where you can see it.
  • Carry extra batteries for calls/lights/decoys/etc.
  • Have extra ammunition for your firearm.
  • Work with the wind.  Call into or across the wind.
  • Keep the sun at your back or yourself in deep shade.